ALLTY 2000
  • Maximum 2000 lumens light output

    •Innovative OLED screen 

    •Dual beam angle (near and far) 

    •Independent daytime running light (DRL) 

    •Enhanced two high efficiency CREE LED 

    •High quality aluminum alloy housing 

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ALLTY 2000 

ALLTY 2000 is a multifunctional bike light with maximum 2000 lumens of light output.

It is the best choice for both road and trail cycling. 

The creative OLED screen can display lighting mode, battery level, and the available running time, to help riders make cycling plan more scientifically.

Maximum 2000 lumens light output 

 •Innovative OLED screen 

 •Dural beam angle (near and far) 

 •Independent daytime running light (DRL) 

 •Enhanced two high efficiency CREE LED 

 •General Garmin mount with adjustable straps

 •Removable battery pack with 7000mAh super capacity 

 •High quality aluminum alloy housing

 •Waterproof rate to IPX5

 •Mode memory feature

Main Features

 LUMEN: 2000
 Dual beam angle design
 DRL (Daytime Running Light)
 BATTERY: 7.2 v (2*3500mAh)


It wasn’t long ago that commuter bicycle headlights were basic low lumen lights with bulky mounts. As technology has improved, bicycle lights have gotten better with the increased features, more compact form factors, and higher output. The Magicshine Allty 2000 headlight illustrates just how far we’ve come in terms of advancement. Not only does the Allty 2000 incorporate two Cree XM-L2 V60 LEDs, but there is an additional low-output LED designed to be used as a day-time-running-light (DRL). With a retail price of $149.99, the Allty 2000 is aimed at cyclists or commuters who want a high-powered all-in-one headlight.The modern exterior design is complemented by the three light element design and a built-in Garmin style quarter turn mount. This makes the Allty 2000 a top choice for those running out-in-front style Garmin mounts, as you don’t need an additional adapter to mount the light. The light is also rated at IPX5 and is powered by two 18650 Li-ion batteries with a micro USB charging port. The Li-ion batteries uses a cartridge style encasing for 3500 mAh of power and runtimes that range from 14.5 hours for DRL only down to 1 hour for the full 2000 lumen output. Let’s take a detailed look at the Allty 2000.Category Bicycle Head LightRating 9.2/10Retail Price $149.99Likes + OLED Display Screen+ DRL and Dual Cree LEDs+ Built-in Quarter turn Garmin mountDislikes – Cartridge Battery– Too many Output modes– Limited run-time on higher settingsWhere to Buy (US) MagicshineThe Magicshine Allty 2000 is an impressive feature packed all-in-one headlight. Incorporating a DRL light, built-in Garmin style mount and an OLED screen the Allty 2000 is substantial improvement over previous commuter lights.


The Allty 2000 is packaged in a clear plastic box with the light prominently displayed on the front of the package. Although you don’t get the sleek zippered case with the Allty, Magicshine includes everything you’ll need to use the light.Inside the packaging you’ll find:Allty 2000 Headlight with 3500maH cartridge battery installedUser ManualGarmin style handlebar mount + 2 alternate length strapsAllen key for mountMicro USB charging cableThe different length straps allow for the mount to be used on different radius handlebars and is similar to the Eagle style mounts from previous lights. 


In a bold step towards standardization, Magicshine has incorporated a quarter turn Garmin mount directly into the Magicshine Allty 2000. This is a feature we are excited to see, as most bicycle light manufacturers have developed proprietary mounts and then offer Garmin adapters at an additional cost. This design enables you to utilize the Allty 2000 with your existing Garmin style out-front style mounts.Allty 2000 Garmin mountBottom view – USB port, cartridge door and integrated Garmin mountIf you don’t already have a mount, Magicshine include a simple plastic handlebar mount with a padded rubber strap. The mount is similar to the Monteer 1400 and requires an allen key to rotate a bolt and loosen/tighten the rubber strap. We’ve seen reports from people that the strap cracks with excess tightening, but we haven’t had any issues despite long term use with the Monteer 1400. We recommend picking up the Magicshine TTA out-front-mount of a similar style mount to avoid cluttering the handlebar. Note, that while you can mount the Allty 2000 upside down on a out-front Garmin style mount, you won’t be able to see the sleek OLED screen and hence the battery level.Allty 2000 included handlebar mountIncluded handlebar mount with Garmin style interface

The Magicshine Allty 2000 boasts an impressive 2000 lumens from the dual Cree XM-L2 LEDs. Unlike the ‘theoretical’ lumen ratings of some of the previous Magicshine lights, the output for the Allty 2000 is the actual output according to FL-1 testing. The LEDs each use a total internal reflection (TIR) lens, however Magicshine has incorporated a honeycomb style cover for the left LED and a clear cover for the right LED. This results in the left LED having a wider beam with more uniform beam pattern and less throw than the right LED. In actual use, it’s a bit difficult to tell the left and right LED outputs apart as the differences are subtle.