• Extreme powerful bike head light
    - LIGHT OUTPUT : 6500 Lumens
    - Battery : 10500 mAh
    - Waterproof: IPX5
    - Material: anodized aluminum alloy
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  • Monteer 6500 is an unbeatable ultra-powerful bike head light, with 6500 lumens of light output. 
  • It is built for top cycling and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Max 6500 lumens of actual light output 
  • High quality copper LED PCB heat dissipation 
  • 6x 3500mAh Li-ion cells with elevated power output rate 
  • CNC hollowed aluminum out front style bike mount compatible with all Garmin quarter turn based devices 
  • Battery indicator. LED lit power button shifts in color indicating different level of remaining power
  • Adopts a fully integrated design with completely secure connection points for an IP65 rating

  • LIGHT OUTPUT : 6500 Lumens 
  • Battery : 10500 mAh 
  • Waterproof: IPX5 
  • Material: anodized aluminum alloy
  • Size: 72x42x44mm 
  • Weight: 142g (exclude battery pack) 


Our review The power, spread and colour of the light emitted from the five LEDs is magical, making it one of the best-performing lights I’ve used in recent times. The side-to-side spread and cut-off is exceptional too Pros: Unbeatable spread of light; awesome LED colour Cons: No battery or mode indicator Skip to view product specifications Putting out a whopping claimed 6,500 lumens from a five LED head unit, the Magicshine Monteer should be an impressive performer. It has three inline flood LEDs, two spot LEDs and there’s a single large power and mode change button on the top of the light that indicates battery percentage with changes in colour: green means 100 to 70 per cent of battery, blue between 70 and 30 per cent, red less than 30 per cent, and it flashes red when the battery’s life reaches 10 per cent or lower. At 150 lumens there’s a claimed maximum run time of 82 hours. Although the button doesn’t indicate which of the 15 modes the light is in, it does cycle between 6,500 lumens, 4,000 lumens, 2,000 lumens, 900 lumens and a flashing mode that puts out 4,000 lumens. Best downhill mountain bikes Best mountain bike pedals.

A long push turns the light off, while a double push when the light is on activates the second and third set of modes. The head and battery units are connected using a long cable, measuring 63cm in total, with the longer part attached to the head unit. The cable attaches using a unidirectional push fit with arrows to indicate correct alignment.

It has an IP65 dust and waterproof rating and comes supplied with a handlebar mount that uses a Garmin-style twist-lock fitment. The mount is compatible with both 31.8mm and 35mm bars with the supplied shims. It’s off centre so it’s possible to mount the light directly over the stem, centrally on the bars. The separate battery pack has a total of 151Wh spread across six cells. There are two Velcro straps that should attach the thin and relatively long battery to most locations on a bike and the pack has a concave internal shape to help it sit securely on frames. It also features a thermal protection mode where the light’s output is reduced if it gets too hot. Launch Gallery.

In the maximum 5,000 and 4,000 lumen modes the light is astonishingly powerful and the usefulness of this power is impressive to boot. The light’s spot LEDs illuminate the trail close to the bike while the floods do a great job of creating side-to-side and forward visibility with unrivalled clarity. The beam’s projection, colour and overall power mean that this is a light that’s best suited to some of the gnarliest, fastest, twistiest trails out there. The spot lights have a distinctly yellow hue that, combined with the white/blue flood, create a perfect mix of definition and visibility.